Gianni Bergamo Classical Music Award

Just had a wonderful time in Lugano, Switzerland participating in the Gianni Bergamo Classical Music Award. This competition is held every year and changes its focus across instrument/voice. This year, the award was specifically for mezzos/contraltos and so was a great opportunity for me to discover new mezzo repertoire and meet kindred spirits!

I am delighted to announce that I was lucky enough to win first prize!!! After witnessing some truly spectacular mezzo singing, I’m very humbled to have received this prestigious award.

The panel was a very distinguished set of members and I was very humbled to have sung to the likes of Sonia Prina, Maestro Gianni Bergamo and Michael Fichtenholz, Gianluca Capuano and Fabio Bonizzoni. Many thanks to them for the wonderful range of feedback that is invaluable at this point and that I’ll take on to future performances.

A huge thank you to everyone for their support and to the Gianni Bergamo panel, accompanist and administration who have made my time in Lugano so pleasant and enjoyable!